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Backing bread is our passion.

Austrian bread in a CAN. Our product range of canned bread, can be ordered via our homepage.

Our bread is designed for health conscious and environmentally aware consumers!

Driven by passion, for over 20 years, we have used innovation to build a reputation for baking the highest quality bread.


For the health conscious

Sourcing the most sustainable ingredients and using complex cleaning methods for our grains we ensure a natural sourdough base. We avoid all additives to deliver the highest healthy quality.

We are energy self-sufficient

Since 2018, all the energy for our production is derived from sustainable sources. We believe we are the only net zero European bakery; meaning that all the energy that we use comes from renewable sources. (2018/2019)

We use regional suppliers

All our grain comes from Farmers from lower Austria and we mill it freshly and directly in our state of the art factory. Around 90% of our raw materials originate from Austria.

Sustainability is important to us

We continuously improve our recipes and optimize our production and logistic processes. All focussed on reducing our ecological footprint.

Why bread in a CAN?

Whether on a boat, high up on a look out in the forest or on a hike in the mountains, if you need healthy nutrition fast or if you just want to make sure not to run out of a staple provision.

We are happy to provide sustainably produced and nutritious canned bread, ready to eat fresh and tasty, that will enhance your culinary experience.

Please place your order on the page "Bread in a CAN".